Small Changes Equal Large Money Savings

A penny saved really is a penny earned, and even pennies really do add up.

Here are some tips for saving just a little money each day that will add up to greater savings over time.

Newspapers and Magazines. If you purchase a daily newspaper or a specific magazine on a regular basis, trying getting a subscription instead. Very often subscriptions are much cheaper than newsstand prices, particularly with magazines.

Coffee. Yeah, yeah Starbucks does taste good. But I’m not sure it tastes as good as the money you could save by not drinking it. Trying brewing coffee at home and bringing it to work in a reusable mug to save both money and the environment.

Online Bill Paying. If you are still paying all of your bills with paper statements and checks, try switching some of them over to online statements. This will save you time, checks, and stamps. And it will save paper.

Combining services. Many companies allow you to combine services to save money. For instance, you may be able to combine your phone, cable TV, and internet services for a reduced rate. Or you could combine your home and cell phones, or your home owners and car insurance.

Drinks at Work. Instead of running to the vending machine for a drink each afternoon at work, buy a twelve pack of cans and keep it under your desk. Each morning put one in the fridge for your required afternoon refreshment. Buying a twelve pack is always cheaper than buying single cans.

Cold Cycle. Much of the heating bill goes to warming the water in your hot water heater. Try washing as many clothes as possible in cold water. Most clothing will do just fine when washed on cold and you’ll certainly save money on your electric or gas bill (you’ll save energy too!).

Eating in. At least a few days a week eat your lunch in at work. Bringing your lunch saves money over eating out and you’ll save some gas money by staying put instead of driving some extra miles as well.

Using the library. Just about all public libraries rent DVDs, including fairly new releases. You can also rent other entertainment materials, sometimes even video games. Check out your area library the next time you have a hankering to hit the video store.

Small changes in your lifestyle add up to lots of money saved. Try these tips to get started saving more money today.

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