Holiday Shopping on a Budget

Finding deals during the holidays isn’t very hard. As a matter of fact, you can find awesome sales happening at almost every store.

But how do you get the most for your money? As a single full time mom of two, I have mastered the art of being frugal. These tips of the trade that I have picked up will hopefully help save you some money as well.

While supplies last door busters are designed to get you in the store. Let’s just say the store is giving away a popular video game “while supplies last”. With deals like these you can expect lots of people to show up hoping to get a game. Whether they do or not, they are at the store, and are likely to shop around. If you are only going for the door buster, then it might not be worth your time. Are you willing to drive there for nothing, if not then don’t go.

Sunday sale flyers are a great way to grab bargains. However, don’t expect to get first pick the following Friday. In order to get the best merchandise you need to read the ads as early as possible, and be at the store when it opens. Some stores have their weekly ads posted a few days before the sale starts online. Keep in mind that stores are competing for your business, so be sure to compare prices.

Shopping online can also save you money. Many online retailers are offer discounts such as free shipping during the holidays. Keep in mind that the price of gas is climbing, so free shipping is a deal that should not be overlooked easily. Also check online for coupons or promotional codes before making a purchase.

Buy one get one free deals are always worth looking into. Some stores such as offer deals where you can get a free item with a purchase of another item or dollar amount.

For example” with a $50.00 purchase you can buy a large stuffed animal for $4.99 ( $19.99 regular)”. I had over $50.00 in “one day only” sale merchandise, and I picked up the 19″ stuffed animal for $4.99 bringing my total to $67.90 with a savings of $92.00.

Don’t be afraid to ask. If you can’t find a sale item, ask an employee to help you. If they are sold out, check to see if they are offering rain checks, or if they are offering the same deal online. If they aren’t offering rain checks, have them call another store for you, and have them hold an item until you can get there if they have it. There is no shame when it comes to saving money.

Saving a buck here and a few dollars there might not seem like much.

However, if you do all your holiday shopping this way you can easily save in the hundreds. As a matter of fact you will find that it is almost effortless to save money this way. Happy Holidays.

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