Frugal Living: Tips for the Beginner

Its Friday, you got your paycheck and while you are walking through the grocery store, you started to notice that the price of milk has gone up 50 cents or you stopped at the gas station to fill up the tank in your SUV and you just spent 60 to 90 dollars so you can have enough gas to get back and forth to work for the following week.

With the day to day costs just to survive, people are scrambling everywhere to try to stretch that dollar for the survival of the fittest and you are thinking what can I do in order to save some money and your sanity?

I know, everyone, including myself has gone through stages like this especially with today’s struggling economy.

I am going to show everyone some ways to stretch that dollar so you are not squeezing the blood out of your wallet.

1. Clip coupons: I know for some people this can get really annoying if you are new to the idea, but if your store carries double coupons and the item is on sale then you are really saving a lot of money on your food bill. stalk the sale papers from your local grocery stores, go to roadside stands for fresh foods such as fruits and veggies Save money on food= more money to spend on important things such as bills.

2. Start making your own household cleaners: Not only is this cost saving, but the ingredients which make your household cleaners have less impact on the environment. Vinegar and water is a great all purpose cleaner and the cost to make it is pennies on the dollar compared to the products you get at the store which can cost up to 5 dollars a bottle.

3. Car-pool to work: Not only does this cut the cost of gas, but it helps lower pollution too. Find a few people who you work with that live close to you and take turns each week doing the car-pooling. That way the responsibility is not all on one person week after week.

4. Cook from scratch: Eating out and buying prepackaged goods from the store can be quite expensive especially when you are paying over 20 dollars at Mc Donald’s to feed you, your spouse, and your 2.5 children or paying at least 5 dollars for a frozen meal starter kit with all the bells and whistles If you have young children, homemade baby food is the way to go instead of buying jarred foods. It may be more convenient but it’s going to eat away at your wallet; plus home cooked meals taste better.

5. Use E-Pay: Save that 42 cents and avoid late fees from snail mailing your checks across the country. A lot of you may worry about someone hacking into your information when sending your payment online but most companies have safe and secure ways of making online payments on time and without the hassles. Plus your bills will be paid on time or even early. Always make sure to balance your checkbook so you do not come across any unfortunate surprises. That just hook, lines, and sinkers to more problems in the future.

6. If you are going to go shopping for things like clothes or replace a new appliance; discount stores like Family Dollar and Big Lots are not bad places to find some awesome deals. Go secondhand or hit the yard sales in your area. You never know what finds you can come across for an awesome price.

These are just some of the ways you can save some cash on just the basics we all need on a day to day basis.

As the world becomes a more expensive place, these tips and ideas will help us get just a little further ahead to allow us to live in comfort.

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